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The Random Comic Strip

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"Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders," wrote Ludwig von Mises, "no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interest, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle."

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As Soon As I Turn My Back...

I Just realized how much of a vacation I have been on.  I have paid almost no attention to the news since we left home. I decided, today, to peruse it and see what is happening. And what do I find? Ignoring Joe Biden heading for Ukraine (does anyone really care what Biden does? Outside his immediate family, that is), I come across a story about some teen stowing away on a flight from San Jose to Hawaii

And surviving!

He managed, they say, to survive the lack of oxygen  at 38,000 feet and temperatures of 80 below zero (Fahrenheit, one assumes). He was unconscious much of the time, which authorities said was helpful to his survival, in the 5 hour and 15 minute flight. The story also said that out of 95 similar stowaway attempts, 75% resulted in death. Which is odd... since that comes out to 71.25. Who was that 3/4ths of a person? Maybe the writer of the story just rounded off... But I digress.

Teens (especially the males) are not noted for their rationality. One wonders how so many of us survive those years?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Political Maneuvering

Looks like the Pipeline approval has been put off, once again. This time, it won't get an OK or a turndown until after the mid-term election is over. Never mind that the recovery that isn't one would get a huge boost, it isn't something Obama's base wants. And, therefore, it is unlikely to ever happen... much less that it would happen before the mid-terms.

Keystone XL Pipeline Review Postponed ]

Does anyone really believe this administration anymore? My bet is that the hardcore base likes them but no longer adores them. They've even ticked off their base. My worry was that we'd see a repeat of the Carter administration only much worse. The domestic economic policy has been pretty much lassez faire (if you will pardon my French) and seems designed to wait out the business community. Eventually the economy will recover on its own. It has to.  Otherwise, too many businesses would simply fail. Not that this would likely bother the current administration. They'd wring their hands... very gently... and blame it all on Big Corporation. Or the Banks, or the Wealthy 1%, or the Republicans. Or all of the above.

But waiting in the wings is a nasty round of inflation and that is going to hurt a lot of people.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Wanna Go Home!

It doesn't take long to figure out why Americans think of vacations in two week chunks. After two weeks, you miss your own bed, your house, your refrigerator, your TV even.

Mostly, I miss my recliner.  I was sitting in the hotel room the other night and kept reaching for the little handle that reclines it... there wasn't one but that didn't stop me for reaching for it... several times. But that isn't all. I miss the friendly and familiar comfort of home.

You know what I mean, don't you? That familiarity, that knowing where everything is feeling?

There were periods in my life where I didn't miss these things; times I lived out of a suitcase... times where practically everything I owned fit in a 3 foot by 3 foot by 14 inch deep "locker" or could be stuffed into a seabag. In a way, I miss those days. But then "home" was a ship and I was either on it or had to be back on it by midnight or 7 AM.

Now I own a home and miss it when I'm away for more than a week.

Life is change, I guess. But not too much change.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where Do We Live?

 I was curious... Where do, by latitude, most people live? It appears that most people on the planet live in the northern hemisphere. I would expect that. But, according to anthropologists, we originated in Africa. East Africa. In an area around what is now Kenya. This would be in the northern hemisphere but it implies that the most prolific humans migrated north rather than south, but maybe not. Perhaps there was/is something about the northern hemisphere that increases birthrates. And/or was more conducive to long life.

I turned to the internet looking for maps of population and early human migration according to latitude. I couldn't find anything comprehensible... to me, that is.

It seems to me that humans seek out temperate zones. But these zones have some severe weather extremes (cold to warm) which are not as apparent in the sub-tropical zones... where many of the most ancient cultures originated.

The question is why?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Life, As We Know It, Goes On

We arrived in Las Vegas (without incident) and got checked in to the NYNY Hotel/Casino just in time for me to see the last hole played at this year's Masters Tournament. I missed the other 17 played by the leaders, who started the day tied. In simple terms, I missed whatever drama might have played out on the final day.

Instead, I spent that time wending my way along the highways of Arizona. Am I bitter? Possibly. On the other hand, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Bubba Watson would win. I felt so anyway. I would have liked to see Jordan Spieth win the vaunted Green Jacket (which, to me, just looks tacky) but it wasn't to be. Instead, Bubba took a three shot lead to the 18th tee... assured of victory.

Now, Faye wants to go to dinner... somewhere. Possibly a little Mexican restaurant we have visited every time we come here.