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Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Some Thoughts

Not important ones, just random ones about the GOP presidential nominee race and a few other things.

There are now seventeen candidates vying for the GOP nomination. Sharks smelling blood in the water. Even though Trump leads in the polls, I don't think he has a chance of getting that nomination. He reminds me of Perot in a lot of ways; bombastic, populist, a bit outrageous but getting a lot of attention and popularity. Trump, like Perot, doesn't seem to have a lot of specifics. Perot used a car metaphor... he was going to "open the hood" and fix what was broke. Trump just brags about his money and how successful he's been in business. But he also says he'll build a wall along the border and, somehow, get Mexico to pay for it. He's not saying how.

Marco Rubio and others (including Jeb Bush) are out in California looking for people willing to contribute money. You need a lot of money to run for president. Silly me, I thought you needed ideas and plans to implement them. I guess that hasn't been true for decades. It seems there are no specifics anymore, just bombast and populism.

I hear Joe Biden might get into the race on the Democrat side. Don't know how true that is but Hillary is having image trouble. I have to wonder how she can expect the public to believe she never, in 4 years as Secretary of State, sent an email through her private server that contained classified information. Easy to prove, just allow access to that server. I won't hold my breath, that's not the Clinton Way.

I am wondering if the next president, whoever it is, can dig us out of the hole we are in.

Good thing I am old.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Couple of Things of Interest

First up is this dust-up over Planned Parenthood and the selling of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood (PP) denies it has done anything illegal and claims the videos were edited and the makers were trying to make PP look bad. Perhaps, since the video makers were part of a pro-life group, there might be some merit to the claims. However, the cavalier attitude on the part of the doctors from PP seemingly belies the claims.

My question is will the media now badger Democrats over the issue as they have Republicans over Trump's comments?

Speaking of Democrats, Hillary is denying she ever sent out classified information as Secretary of State. Let's see... She was Secretary of State until after the 2012 elections and she used, the entire time, a private server instead of a government one. Yet she wants the public to believe she never sent any emails with classified information in them. Simple way to prove that: turn over the sever.

I won't hold my breath.

Friday, July 24, 2015

I Must Apologize

I have been thinking about this for almost a week. Last Friday I wrote some things that were unwarranted in I'm Not Happy. I was angry (and, therefore, not happy) and wanted to lash out... so I did. I am not apologizing for feeling that anger or for something I expressed about how I would like Muslims to feel about their religion. I wrote: "No change will happen to that religion until they fear the backlash." I believe that.

Religions are sometimes a bit smug. A bit too self-righteous.

They must feel shame and anger at themselves in order to make changes that will lead to a better expression of that faith. I think that is part of what happened with The Inquisitions and maybe the Crusades. Christians began to question their faith, to change it for the better. Christians still question, I think; most of them anyway. Some don't, some still justify their bigotry and prejudice with scripture.

I cannot say for sure since I am not a Christian. But I like to think that most are good people who reject many of the things taught in favor of a more moral way of life.

And, so, I apologize to any who I might have offended

Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm Not Happy

By now, you know many of the details of this mass murder, allegedly by one Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, possibly born in Kuwait... At the time I write this we have no details about Abdulazeez or why he attacked the two places  in Chattanooga, TN.

My first reaction is that we should immediately shut down all mosques in this country and encourage all foreign born Muslims to return to their homelands. That is likely impossible for two reasons: We have freedom of religion and we have an administration which will not do even close to what the FDR administration did in WWII. In fact, if this administration had been in the White House during WWII, there's a good chance we'd be speaking either German or Japanese, in my opinion.

In my opinion, we should take the gloves off and start blaming all Muslims for the acts of what is clearly a tiny minority of that religion and we should initially concentrate on the Sunni sect. No change will happen to that religion until they fear the backlash. There is no reason for them to clean out the terrorists in their midst unless, and until, they feel threatened.

Meanwhile our politicians go bananas over a relic of the Civil War. And also meanwhile, Faye says "Nuke Mecca!"

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What's New?

                             What's new
                    How is the world treating you
                    You haven't changed a bit
                     Lovely as ever, I must admit
[the above lyrics are from a song sung by Frank "old blue eyes" Sinatra]

I am using them as a lead in to my post today about events in the world which might (or should) disturb you. I am speaking of the deal just reached with Iran over their nuclear capabilities. As usual, it is this administration's attempt to not deal with Iran's nuclear bomb aspirations. Essentially, it gives Iran 15 years before they can return to the process. In that 15 year period, I am sure there will be many other countries in that region who will try to create their own nuclear weapon. Additionally, the deal removes the sanctions placed on Iran by us and many European countries, sanctions that were having an effect... sanctions that were limiting their ability to foster terrorism just a little. It also allows countries like Russia and China (and others) to resume arms sales to Iran.

I hope, for our and the world's sake, that Congress sends a clear message to this president by voting to reject this deal. A vote that comprises a solid 2/3's majority. Because the president has promised to veto Congress' rejection... which means they must override that.

It's a freaking disaster in the making. If you don't know about this deal... you will... way too soon. Maybe the ides of July will become someday as famous as the ides of March.