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The Random Comic Strip

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"Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders," wrote Ludwig von Mises, "no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interest, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle."

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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Day Off

I think everyone needs a day off from time to time. We sometimes call in sick when we really aren't. We take a vacation day in the middle of the week just because. We stretch a weekend, or precede it, with a "personal" day of some kind.

Why do we do this? I haven't the foggiest idea. Did you really think I would know? Want to buy some waterfront property in the Everglades? Of course I have no idea why we do it. In the long term, that is. The short term reason is pretty obvious.

I don't wanna work!

And that's just how I feel today. Not that writing a blog is work. After all, I was brought up to see work as something you are paid to do. No one's paying me to blather on here. I make an ass of myself for nothing. I have always done so.

But today... Today I just do not feel like it. So I am calling in sick.

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