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Monday, September 23, 2013

Stupid Names

I came across this the other day...

... and I was reminded of a question I once posed to myself.

Why do they call it a fanny pack when no one wears them in the back?

Think about it... It does not sit above or on a fanny but in front, just below the belly. Why not call them "Belly Packs" instead?

I own two, I think, I am not sure because I never wear them. One I bought because it contains a holster for a small handgun (which is another odd term... would you call a rifle a "shoulder gun?") and the other was a gift or prize that I picked up somewhere. The second one has no holster and is much bulkier... like a woman's small purse. It is useless, I have no desire to carry around that much stuff. I prefer simplicity and efficiency.

But no one cares what I think.

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