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Monday, November 11, 2013

I Like To Think of Myself as a Type Z

The Co-Villains Behind Obesity's Rise

So it's "gut bacteria" that may be behind the obesity "epidemic", eh?

N.F.L. Coaches: In Charge and at Risk

The question that came to me while reading this is: Do certain "types" (like the Type A) gravitate toward stressful jobs? I do not think we can disconnect the two. The job of head coach will be stressful, it will require long hours and great stress. The people working toward getting that job know this yet they still do it. Just as players tolerate the pain and injuries that go along with becoming top players, the potential head coaches tolerate the long hours and stress they endure along the way to that head coach position. These are behaviors that are created and nourished over decades.

And then I thought about the bacteria story... and wondered... do certain personality types have a propensity to nurture the kind of bacteria that leads to increased weight and its attendant health risks?  Maybe a chicken vs egg issue? That is, does the personality type create the conditions that are amenable to the "bad" bacteria? Or do the "bad" bacteria create the conditions that lead to a type A personality?

I don't have answers (or any way to get them), just questions.

Today, by the way is Veteran's Day. It used to be Armistice Day but that was changed in 1954 and so I still remember the original designation. And how it came to be. A recognition that "The War To End All Wars"... didn't.

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