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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pet Peeves

I have no idea why irritations are called "pet peeves." I think of pets and I think... warm, cuddly, friendly, happy. I think of peeves and none of those emotions come to mind. Is it like "jumbo shrimp?"

And, yet, I have some. One of them is so annoying that it crowds everything else from my mind. First, let me first tell you of the motto we should all live by: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I would insert "don't even try to" somewhere in there. But it seems that the software industry ignores this on a regular basis. For instance, have you ever used Google Maps? Like it? Too bad... they are changing it. And they are proud of this change, apparently... even though a couple of features do not work in the "Lite" version which appears to be the only version currently available.

Fortunately, there's a way to go back to the Classic (yeah, they really are calling it that... did they forget the "New Coke" fiasco?) version and, so, I did return. Faye hated the new version so much she almost locked herself into Maps Galaxy.

I don't want 3D graphics, I don't want anything special. I just want to see places I am going to visit, get directions from time to time, and see how long it might take me to get someplace (and hint: I do not need to have the airfare or flight time shown... ever... maps and routes are for land travel). Anything beyond that is a waste of programming time and effort. And will make me start searching for a replacement site.

An important pet peeve involves my choice of TV shows to follow... I am losing another one... "Almost Human"... which has poor ratings in the 18-49 demographic and probably won't be picked up for another season. This is really a minor peeve, not a major one. I understand, can even accept, that my taste in entertainment may not be shared by the majority. After all, my favorite movies of all time were made before 1955. With one exception... Videodrome.

A major peeve would be cell phones in restaurants, or on golf courses, or in a driver's hand (even if it is in hands free mode). I pull over to chat but I feel (even see) the tunnel-vision a phone conversation creates. But a phone ringing in a restaurant and then the owner picking it up and talking? That's just plain rude!

Changing to Daylight Savings Time is also peeve-able. Now I have to figure out how to change the clock in my car... it's embedded in the display. My bad, I shouldn't complain about that one... I only have a few clocks to reset in the house... and the one in the car.

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