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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Freedom of Speech For Me But Not For Thee

I became engaged in a short conversation with a young woman about freedom of speech. It started with a comment by her that a particular comedian be banned from TV for making some remarks (which the young woman did not elaborate on) about some young girls and refused to apologize for them. I replied to her comment with "And [young woman's screen name] comes out in favor of censorship."

The young woman was perplexed. She asked me what she said that could possibly paint her as favoring censorship. I quoted her words about banning someone from TV. This just further confused her. She explained how she felt justified in her wishes. I explained that those that advocate censorship always justify their advocacy. And in much the same way. She also had said that she was a great supporter of freedom of speech and that was why she was in that forum (presumably so she could exercise it). I asked, in a roundabout way, if she had way to turn off her TV or change the channel? Because, after all, if she did not like what this comedienne said, she was not being forced to listen to her.

I suggested she get educated in what freedom of speech actually means.

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