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Monday, September 22, 2014


We forget, I think, of the impact of policies. I should say that politicians forget that... or, sometimes (most times), do not consider the Unintended Consequences of the laws they pass. I am writing today about the impact on my life resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka "Obamacare."

It took some time but it finally trickled down to me. I recently learned that I must use what is being called a "private insurance exchange" to purchase my supplemental Medicare insurance. As you may know, Medicare covers some of the medical costs one can incur. But doctor visits and presciption medicine is not covered. We must purchase some kind of supplemental coverage to handle these.

Until I reached the vaunted age of 65, my health insurance coverage was provided through my employer. Even after I retired, they provided the coverage. Each year I would be given a few weeks to determine which insurance I wanted from a list the company provided. I would be required to pay some monthly amount to supplement what the company paid. Some years, there were only a few choices; other years, quite a few. And the amount I would pay would vary. After I retired and reached that magic age of Medicare eligibility, I had no choice whatsoever. The year I became eligible, I was automatically covered under the existing coverage company. And the following year, I had only one choice. I learned, however, that I could have purchased any Medicare supplemental insurance.

This has changed. I am now being forced to use this private exchange. I cannot, under penalty of losing Faye's coverage (she's not yet Medicare eligible), go outside the system.

Last year I paid, above and beyond my part B deduction from my SS, $50 per month for my supplemental coverage. The company reimburses me about 90-95% (I am not quite sure how much) of my part B costs. Next year, my cost per month looks to be about $65.

All because of a law that I did not want, desired by a president I did not vote for, and passed by a Senate who did not read it before it passed and did not consider amendments offered by the minority party.

Thanks, folks!


Tom Sightings said...

I wouldn't complain if I were you. I pay abt. $450/mo. just for myself ... down from over $800 a month before I got on Medicare.

T.C. said...

I'm confused by the above comment. Because Tom gets to pay less you should not complain?

Douglas said...

Tom, you are right. I have been very fortunate that I lucked into a job I enjoyed for most of my 34 years with them and that had good benefits. I shouldn't complain about such a small increase.

T.C. And I get your point also. Tom was only saying, "I should be so lucky..."