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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Who Cares?

The Big Question in the news articles seems to be "Can the GOP govern?" And, to read the comments and the tone of the articles I've read, the answer is "No!" All this tells me is that the Left is angry about losing the mid-term elections last year.

Of course, the GOP can govern... Maybe not in the way the left wants but they can definitely govern. And, perhaps, that is just what we need and deserve. I see a lot of comments fretting about the future but these commenters shouldn't be so afraid. We do pretty much what we want in this country, in spite of government trying to control us. And that, my friends, is what the Founding Fathers expected and hoped for.

I understand the fear on the Left. No one to tell them what to do, to comfort them, to take care of them... Why, it's like losing one's parents! But government is not supposed to be the parent for its people... We fought against that concept during the Revolution. But the ensuing 238 years has changed us into something else; from independent, pioneering, people who sought challenges into people who want the government to replace the parents they always wanted.

And all the while demanding dignity and respect.

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