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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


There are times when I do not understand human beings. For example, when they gather together under an ideology of hate and call it a religion. That is what ISIS is, a cult with a large following of young men and women who seemingly hate the lands of their birth. I don't understand that. I think I did when I was younger but do not anymore. When we are young we are are malleable. We can be easily brainwashed. It is why we recruit soldiers from our youth. The State can then mold them easily into trained killers. That is what The Islamic State is doing; taking young minds and manipulating them into thinking there is only one way to see the world.

They then make them think they are part of a "family" that thinks alike... there is a reason they call each other "brother" and "sister." What would you do for your family? Especially if you are told that your family is under attack?


Anonymous said...

You need a brush up course in Islamic law.
These extremists believe if they form a caliphate, which means the spilling of the blood of the infidels into the streets, their prophet will once again return to them.
Now, think about that for a while. If you were told you could see Jesus again, you would do whatever it is required of you. Only difference is that Jesus would want everyone to do 100 acts of kindness while Islam wants the complete annialation of the infidels (non-Muslim and especially Christians) and a return to Sharia law.
Google it.
It's not that difficult to understand but impossible to comprehend, granted. Neither did we understand the Japanese kamakazi bombers but we had to kill them nonetheless.
I think what we are all witnessing, is the beginning of WWIII.
Not going to be a good thing.
Unfortunately, we have a president who is a pussy, so it is going to be a very long year till the tool is out of office.

Douglas said...

When you put it that way, it sounds very pagan-ish and evokes images of blood sacrifices.