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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In Case You Were Wondering...

It's obvious, even to me, that I have been slacking in my posting. I'm pretty bored with the whole thing lately... plus I have been busy lately... I am trying to sell my car (yeah, the Mercedes).I should not have bought it, to be honest, we do not need a second car; mine has less than 4000 miles on it (3670, I think) and Faye's Lincoln has also less than 4000 miles.

It made me think a bit about my childhood when it was not unusual to have one car and one bathroom to a home. Once I reached 16, though, I wanted a car of my own. My brother had one and so did my sister (both were older than me). In fact, my brother was on his second car by the time I got my first one. I already talked about that first car... a well-used `52 Studebaker Champion that had a defective front passenger door which was held shut by a hunk of wire. You can be sure that did not impress my dates' parents.

But I was mobile! And I wandered as much as I could (good thing gas was cheap then).

I have a new doctor this year, he seems competent which is all I ask. He is also not what I expected; he's short, slight, and probably in his 60's. When I went to him the first time, I was expecting a taller, more distinguished sort and maybe a little younger. Of course, he wanted to run me through a battery of medical tests... which is good since I am fast approaching 70... and my insurance insists on them anyway.

So far, I have had some blood tests, an echo-cardiogram (which included a check of the blood flow in my carotid arteries), and a few others. I am also being scheduled for a colonoscopy... I don't want one but the insurance demands it. My hypothesis is that we form tumors and polyps all the time but most go away. I don't like the idea of messing with them unneccesarilly.

You know the old saw about "to a hammer, all problems look like a nail?" Well, I think surgeons are like that also; too quick to cut.

Well, we shall see how the next year goes... I have the strangest feeling that it is "first they take away your dignity and then they kill you."


Tom Sightings said...

Doug, I sometimes feel the same way as you; but as far as colonoscopies go ... my first colonoscopy saved my life. I got it when I was 51, and the dr. found and removed an "aggressive" polyp that probably would have turned into cancer, and probably would have killed me by now. And, btw, it's not a fun way to go. Since then I've had one every 5 years and thankfully I've been clean, and the procedures haven't done me any harm ... other than, you know, the preparation.

Douglas said...

I know very well what the end results of bowel cancer is like; my first father-in-law died from it... first they gave him a colostomy bag and then, 6 years later, the cancer returned and spread everywhere. He lasted about a year before he quit fighting it.