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Monday, July 18, 2016

It's Over!

Yes, this is my final post.I wanted to make the 2000th post my last one but I must have miscounted (this is, according to the blog, 2003). All I can say is, "math is hard." That's a vague reference to a doll ad of some years ago, which few people might remember but which stuck in my brain.

I am ending this because typing has become a chore due to whatever is screwing me up. Maybe it is a result of my misspent youth or the many chemicals I abused over the years. I only know that everything is harder than it should be. I feel like a 90-year-old. I would like to continue to blog, boring anyone unfortunate to happen in here, but I cannot.

I hope that I have made a difference in my readers' lives and I hope that you have taken to heart my admonitions to be aware of your innate biases so that you may better understand and control them. We all have them and we must master them in order to have a peaceful and productive society.

Wish me luck, as I wish you the same. Good-bye.


T.C. said...

Wow. Sorry to hear this. Too bad. Hope you still kick around other blogs though! You complete a bad week for me. One, is discovering just before committing to buying a Ford Mustang V6 it didn't have an option to install Sirius; which is ridiculous if you ask me. So I decided not to buy it. Then I found out my friend pulled the plug on a business venture in Florida. I didn't lose money (I'm expected to get my money back) and may give it another whirl next year but what a disappointment. All the government's fault by the way. Bunch of #%$$#$#. If anything, I learned first hand the scourge of government regulation. It was so bad we had to pull out or else risk losing it all. But they sure want their pensions, eh?

Bah. I guess never two without three.

Good luck!

Douglas said...

Thanks, T.C, I enjoy your posts and will continue to visit there. You might like John Stossel's blog. Give it a look.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this. I wish you only the very best in life. May God bless. Good luck! I enjoyed your posts. Thanks for writing and sharing.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

You're only back for three days before deciding "On second thought, screw it! THIS time I'm outta here for good!"

Tom Sightings said...

Sorry to see that you're signing off. I've enjoyed your blog over the years, and wish you all the best.