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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Ramblings

I couldn't come up with a theme for today so I thought I might ramble a bit... if you don't mind? I'm sure you don't.

Fridays are the last day of the work week. Since I retired, Friday seems to have lost its meaning. After all, I have no real weekend anymore. Each day is just a day, nothing special about any of them. I am still not sure that's good or bad.

When I was in my junior high and senior high and summer would come along, it was pretty much like this, too. One day was the same as the next. Except that Friday nights there would be a dance somewhere and Saturdays someone, somewhere, would throw a party (which I and my friends would crash). But I had to be reminded what day it was. Much as I do now.

If I wasn't reminded I might not know the trash would have to go out or certain TV shows would be missed. These are not important things. Trash is picked up twice a week here so it would just be put out next time. Hopefully. Eventually it would get put out and picked up. And I have a DVR. Which is like TIVO only more generic.

The DVR is great. Much better than a VCR. For one, you can record two programs at once. That is something you cannot do with a VCR. We no longer watch shows when they come on anyway. Even if we have nothing better to do (which we usually don't), we wait until twenty minutes after the show has started before we begin watching. That way, we get to fast forward through the commercials.

There are a few commercials I do not mind watching. Some are entertaining. But they are rare.

Speaking of commercials. There are things being advertised today that never would have made it in the 50's and 60's, even if the product existed then. And the commercials for some mystify me.

Take Cialis, for example. Well, not literally, that is. But the commercial. What is the meaning behind the bathtubs? I mean there is always a bathtub scene at the end with the man and the woman each in their own bathtub. The symbolism escapes me.
Are they cooling off certain parts? Why two bathtubs? Why not a jacuzzi?

On the other hand, I have no problem understanding the Victoria's Secret commercials.

But back to days of the week...

Mondays and Fridays I play golf. This means I do remember when it is Sunday and Thursday. I get confused the rest of the time. Since the rest of the time is 5/7ths of the week does that mean I am confused most of the time? I'll have to think about that.

Tomorrow I must mow the rather large yard of my aunt's house. I would hire someone to do this, someone who does it for a living and has a riding mower. Unfortunately, they do not call me back when I request an estimate and a day they can do it. Since the "grass" (a euphemism) is over knee high now, it has to be done soon. Otherwise the city will cite the property.

I am not looking forward to this. This is called work and I gave that up.



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