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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adventurizing in Dogberry

One of the things about Faye that I love is her malapropism. I became aware of this soon after we started dating. She tended to stick an "r" or two into words that did not need them. It was cute, not annoying. It is still not annoying but she does it a lot less now than when I first noticed it.

Not because I brought it up, I don't think. Though I did correct her a few times. Her malaprops were better than Yogi Berra's because they seem to fit. Let's look at one of the better ones, "rudefully", it was used in a common enough phrase that goes... "Now, where was I before I was rudely interrupted?" If you replace "rudely" with "rudefully", you can see what I mean. It adds "malice aforethought" to the meaning, I think.

But perhaps I am being too pedantacious...



Inspector Clouseau said...

I suspect that you knew that some of us would bite and have to look up "Dogberry." Thanks for motivating us to explore some new ground today.

Douglas said...

It was actually there in the link to malapropism, Inspector, but I see I should have used a different title... "Adventurizing with Dogberry", it would have been more accurate.