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Friday, August 1, 2014

I Am In A Tizzy

I don't know what a "tizzy" actually is but I I think I am in one. I suppose I should call it a "period of excess anxiety" since that is closer to what it is.

Last Saturday, the garage access door from the house decided (yes, it does have a mind of its own) to mess up. I should not blame the door, though, it was the lock/latch mechanism which became balky. I went through the door to the garage and could not open it again to get back into the house. I had to open the big garage door and get back into the house through the front door. I called a locksmith, who could not come out until that day but promised he would be there Monday morning.

Monday morning came and went and no locksmith showed up. So, Monday afternoon I called a different locksmith and he came out a couple of hours later. 

The problem was with the latch piece itself (see drawing on the left). It jammed. It's not hard to fix but you need the door open in order to work on it. I did not have that luxury. I had a similar problem in Manassas on the townhouse we owned then and had to kick the door in to get in.

The locksmith who showed up told me he sees the problem about once a month. I had him fix that door latch and do the same repair on two other doors which were occasionally jamming.

At the same time, I was still trying to get the cell phone to link up seamlessly with the new car. And, to top it off, I had to run the golf group on Monday (27 players) when Pete (our esteemed leader) fell sick on Sunday. Normally, he would call on Joe to take over but Joe was out of town this week (still is) to attend his granddaughter's softball tournament in Alabama. I am not organized enough to do this efficiently. While I didn't make a mess of it, I can assure you it did not go smoothly.

I also had to run the Wednesday golf group but not many go to that so it wasn't difficult. I will have to do it today (Friday) again but, again, not many show up for that day so it shouldn't be too hard. I really hope Pete will be feeling better come Monday. And that Joe returns soon!

I don't like having to do any work since I am supposed to be retired.

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Earl Mark said...

Sorry to hear about the issue with the lock. I was in a recent similar scenario and actually locked myself out of my own house. Luckily the lock smith I use was available at the time so i only spent 30 min out in the cold. But never the less I learnt my lesson the hard way. Great blog. Thanks.

Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock