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Monday, November 10, 2014

Darn Computer!

In the next few weeks I was planning to announce that I had reached 10,000 successful Freecell games. But that won't be happening. Last Thursday, I had won 9916 games out of 9917. But then I tried it again, to add to that total and found that the game had changed, it had been reset somehow and that record was wiped out. I do not know how, I am very careful not to hit the "reset" button. Could it be that it just arbitrarily reset because I was within a certain number of that 10,000th game? Perhaps I am just being paranoid.

I don't know. But I do know it is behaving weirdly now. It also reset my options to the default, the animation is slower, there were tips being displayed, and the sound had been turned back on. I am baffled!

On the other hand, my tablet has the following record:

Games won               13311 (99.81%)
Games Lost                                  25
Shortest Winning Time            01:30
Longest Winning Time             89:52
Fewest Winning Moves                 81
Most Winning Moves                 1219
Wins Without Undo                    7055
High Score                               16585
Current Winning Streak                 75
Longest Winning Streak            2543

As You might guess, I am quite proud of these stats. Why? I have no freaking idea! I obviously spend too much time with that tablet.

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