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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Does The Media Sensationalize and Distort Issues?

I am speaking of the Indiana law recently passed by the Indiana state legislature and signed by Governor Pence.

Setting aside the fact that his hair looks like it was painted on, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was attacked immediately for allowing discrimination against Gay and Lesbian citizens. It was hailed by many religious groups as a step forward for religious rights. I have no idea which side is right. From Pence's and the legislature's perspective, it merely allows business owners to use religious beliefs as a defense if they are sued for discrimination.

The fact that there has not yet been a successful lawsuit for discrimination against any business in the state seems unimportant. Since I am neither Gay, Lesbian, or religious perhaps I have no dog in this fight.

There were a lot of references to the Arizona law of a similar type that was vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona and to the fact that 19 other states and the federal government have similar laws on the books. I wonder if there is a need for such a law since the First Amendment should hold sway. Civil cases are strange events, however, and different rules can apply.

Personally, I think businesses should be blind except when it comes to profit. That is, they should welcome any and all customers and not concern themselves with their religious beliefs and how they impact how they feel about the customers' lifestyles. On the other hand, I think they have every right to be opposed to those lifestyles. It's just that acting on that opposition would not be something I would like to see.

I once opposed the admission of openly gay (or Lesbian) into the military. I thought it would be disruptive. I especially wondered about soldiers or sailors putting up pinups of semi-clad figures until I realized that the straights do that all the time. And the answer is to ban all such things. Of course, that would be unenforcible but it would limit it somewhat. Having last been in the military some 46 years ago, I have no idea what might matter to the modern soldier or sailor. In my day, it was all about the legitimacy of the Vietnam War and sexual orientation was not an issue.

By the way, today is April Fool's Day but the above is no joke.

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NotesFromAbroad said...

A short answer to your question:
All the time, no matter what the issue.