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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Virtual Reality

I recently watched an ad for "Through The Wormhole", a series I highly recommend. In the ad the host (Morgan Freeman) natters on about how the universe we live in might be just a virtual reality game being played by someone, or some thing, unknown out there somewhere.

It reminded me of something I once postulated about a madman in some ethereal asylum who created our world in his tortured mind. In my theory (such as it was), he was in a catatonic state and our destruction, our Armageddon, would come when he woke up.

I have no idea if I am right, or if we are living in a virtual reality world/universe but let me leave you with this thought:

You are entirely the creator of your reality. Not just partly—all of it. You create it with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Not sure I agree with that adage.
It's the concept of everything being integral I'd be more likely to buy into.
Frankly I don't think we, as individuals, control much of ANYTHING in our lives. That we exist and function mostly in a kind of "default" mode: that our only real choices are of whatever is made available to us by our environment and by whoever's "in charge of" our culture and communities. Our only "control" is in how we improvise our choices to come as close as possible to satisfying our needs and desires.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I DO, however, like the idea of mankind as well as the universe itself being a pawn of someone "greater than" the overall ephemeral reality we generally acknowledge.

Mary said...

Could we really be pawns in a game?? Possibly. (I'm neither a scientist nor a mathematician.) I flunked geometry the first time I took it, and I barely got a C in Physics. Anyway, I've seen this show of which you speak a couple of times. I should watch it more often. My science and math challenged mind might learn. I'm 51, and it's never too late to learn stuff, right?

Douglas said...

"it's never too late to learn stuff, right?"
I'm 68 and I am beginning to think that isn't true.