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Friday, July 3, 2015

Showers And Politics

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. I don't sing so that's all I can do is think. In fact, I don't understand that whole "singing in the shower" thing. In the Navy, it would be the easiest inducement to ridicule.

I won't go into the "it's my soap and my [bleep] and I'll wash it as fast and as long as I want."

But two ideas came to me while in the shower recently. One is the advice to go from hot to cold (or at least cool) water. I never understood that. The idea is that you open your pores with the hot water and then close them up again with the cool. Seems to me that you stand a good chance of trapping soap in those pores by closing them and that can't be good. On the other hand, you could make sure you are all rinsed off before switching to cold water but I wonder if it isn't better to just keep the pores open?

Speaking of water, it seems the sharks are not only circling around North Carolina beaches but also in the political arena. Hillary just picked up another challenger, Jim Webb of Virginia. That makes 6 in the Democratic race for the nomination. And too many to count in the Republican race.
But I guess having all these candidates means there's someone for everybody.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

You only get "someone for everyone" when there's an independent thinker among the choices instead of just more versions of cliché "popular topic/trend" rhetoric. Ten "thinkalikes" do not make for freedom-of-choice.

I have to limit my time in the shower due to my water heater being so small. And I don't like cold showers.

Douglas said...

Tal, American politics has long been a farce involving the "packaging" of the politician. I understand it was once a process by which politicians presented their view of things and the public voted to support (or reject) those views. But, at some point in time, backers introduced the "art of politics" into the mix and someone hired "image makers."