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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Would You Go Along?

At one point, the president said that he hoped those opposing his deal with Iran would read the deal before criticizing it.

Except that they can't. Oh, they can read the main deal... but they are not privy to the side deals and the side deals are the ones that basically shred the main deal. The inspections that ensure compliance are essentially out the window. We already knew the alleged "snap-back" of sanctions had no teeth and there were hints that the 24/7 inspections were not going to happen but now we learn that Iran will not allow military bases to be inspected.

In some ways I am thinking the Iranians do not really want this agreement and are making sure it won't happen. Iran has nothing to lose here.

I can't help feeling that this president wanted chaos to erupt at the conclusion of his presidency.

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