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Friday, September 25, 2015

He Writes Better

Here I sit wondering how to bore the few readers I still have. Perhaps some libertarian commentary.

But, since others can explain it better (much better, actually), I will just suggest you read John Stossel's take on government as helper.

Yeah, I know this is the laziest way to post but, I never said I was anything but lazy.


Tom Sightings said...

Hi Douglas, good to see you back! Just to catch up ... I try to vote, but sometimes miss a turn. I typically mix it up, some Dems., some Reps., and I usually pick an offbeat candidate, just for fun. I usually do not vote for the incumbent, unless I know he/she has done a good job which happens occasionally, but sadly, all too rarely. (Okay, I admit it; I voted for Ross Perot. But I wouldn't vote for Trump even tho., ironically, he's the only candidate I've heard who wants to get rid of the carried interest tax break for the sharks on Wall Street.)

I largely agree with Stossel on college -- oh, don't get me started on what a scam college tuition is! But his analysis of health care only covers one issue of many. The problem is that there is no free market in modern health care, so you can't rely on free market forces. Imho, medicine has become more like the fire dept. or the police dept. -- individual benefits, but also a public good.

And thanks to modern medicine, if your father made it to 84, you should make it to 90 -- give you a chance to shoot your age!

Douglas said...

I think the health care thing could have been resolved by creating a national system of open markets (we had been limited by state controls on what companies could sell insurance within a state); being allowed to buy insurance from any company would have encouraged insurance companies to expand their products for national consumption rather than just within a state. Basically: increase the size of the market and the companies will adapt. That should take a lot less than 1200 pages to write.
The problem with golf is that shooting your age gets harder, not easier.