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Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Catchy Title Here

Saturday, for me, is a day of rest. Well, another day of rest, I suppose, since I don't do much on the other days either. But I play golf on Fridays so Saturday is a recovery day, a day where I use Friday as an excuse a reason for laying about on the couch.

Each day, we should set goals. This gives us a purpose for getting our lazy carcasses out of bed beyond avoiding being wrapped up in the bedding and tossed in the washer. My goal on Saturday (as on most days) is to avoid any effort that could remotely be called "work." I take pride in the fact that I have been overwhelmingly successful in achieving that goal over the years. Even when I was not retired and had to make an appearance at my place of employment on a Saturday.

I did have things to do today. First, I had to finish the last few pages of the third novel in a collection of Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe mysteries. Second, I had to return that book to the library in order to avoid late fees. Third, write this post. If you are reading this then I have accomplished my goals and I am watching golf or the shows we recorded last night but were too sleepy to watch.

In between, I dropped by the local flea market since it wasn't far from the library. Very disappointing. The 90+ degree weather we persist in having makes any outdoor event less than enticing so the turnout was poor. Poor turnout means fewer vendors to choose from and fewer items to peruse. Aside from having no fleas (again), which I wasn't interested in purchasing anyway, there were no bird feeders to peruse and perhaps purchase.

I am considering putting a bird feeder in the back yard because I noticed the cardinals were flitting about in the three empty lots which abut my property. I am not a bird watcher, I hardly know a thing about birds. My earliest experiences with birds consist of keeping a young woodpecker alive for a few weeks while his leg healed and being attacked by a flock of Blue Jays after rescuing one of them from being trapped under the school fence. Since then, I have only been interested in avoiding being buzzard food.

However, I find I have a strange urge to spy on these birds while they feed. The odds are that the squirrels will steal all the food and wreck any feeder I put out but I am determined to try anyway. If nothing else, I will end up with a tale to tell. I already have a title...

The Saga Of Squirrel Gulch


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