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The Random Comic Strip

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Darn butterflies

Ever have one of those days? I'm having one. I just can't seem to get an idea, a theme, a thought, to expound upon. I don't know why... but, then, we never do know, do we? Any clever thought just seems to disappear as soon as we pull up the word processor. It's like walking up to the beautiful girl (or handsome guy for those of you into that) when you were a teen and basically just stammering for 30 seconds (an eternity).

I don't have that problem anymore. The stammering, I mean. I am an old goat now and I can talk to pretty girls without worrying about what they'll think of me. After all, I am not going to get a date with any of them now. If I did, Faye would do terrible things to certain parts of my body. Followed by a divorce and certain poverty.

But this is about losing a thought. Or, more precisely, about not really having a thought to lose. Like having someone's name on the tip of your tongue, you know an idea is there, hiding in the foggiest area of your brain. In my case, that's a rather large area. When this happens, I am reminded of the song "Elusive Butterfly"...

Yeah, now just try to get that out of your head. It will still be there when you try to go to sleep tonight. Unless you have consumed a largish quantity of Margaritas.

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