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Friday, August 20, 2010


I have decided I am insane. Not drooling, load up on guns and ammo and seek out a McDonalds insane but insane all the same. Why else would I go out and try to play golf when the heat index was going to be in the 110 area? I definitely need psychiatric help. I can't afford it but I certainly could use it.

I was not alone. There were nine of us. We actually pay good money to risk heat stroke and to be humiliated. Ok, not good money, just allegedly disposable cash. And for what, I ask you? Oh, you don't know either? Why am I not surprised? We tell ourselves it is because we enjoy The Game. But we must know better, mustn't we? Maybe it's to practice our creative swearing. There is certainly a lot of that.

I use steel shafts in my irons. Know why? Because they bend.And they are less expensive to replace. I tell people it's a matter of "feel" but that's a lie. Graphite shafts tend to break when you slam them into a tree. I know from experience. About both. I am not saying I have a bad temper. I am not saying that. I don't think I have to. It should be obvious. But only on the golf course, I am pretty mellow elsewhere.

Well, except for now. I am obviously taking it out on you readers... all three of you.


The Jules said...

Makes me laugh when stressed people decided to take up golf as a way to relax. Ha!

Douglas said...

Jules, golf in 90F degree heat with heat indexes in 3 digits is like spending 4 hours in a sauna. Very relaxing. Well, more like very wilting.

The Jules said...

Makes me laugh when stressed people decided to take up golf as a way to relax. Ha!