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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if anyone in D.C. is sane

Today is Saturday and, therefore, I get to rant about politics.

Let's see, where to start? How about the subtle hypocrisy I see...

The Consumer Protection Bureau is being established. This Bureau will be keeping an eye out for unscrupulous behavior in the financial industry. To head it up, the President has decided to appoint a woman, Elizabeth Warren, in such a way as to circumvent the Congress' power of "advise and consent" by naming her as a presidential adviser. No nasty confirmation hearings where we might learn what she really intends to do, how she intends to do it, or what her basic ideology is. Not too mention, get a good chance to examine her credentials. Nothing unscrupulous about that, is there?

By the way, she will be answering directly to the President and to Tim Geithner, the guy who runs the Treasury Department but cannot figure out how to properly report or pay his taxes, blaming it on Turbo Tax.

On the other hand, we have the Republican Party hotshots a bit upset by Christine O'Donnell's win in the Delaware primary. Before the election, they backed the career politician and talked about how badly they needed this Senate seat. Ms O'Donnell beat that guy so, in the spirit of good politics, they denounced her and mumbled about not supporting her. Seems the Tea Party backed her, the establishment didn't. They got embarrassed and now the seat isn't important enough to back her against a guy who once proclaimed himself a Marxist.

Looks like politics as usual in D.C. And they wonder why the public seems so angry.


jenny said...

OK, Douglas, but Christine O'Donnell? Really?

Douglas said...

Jenny, Nancy Pelosi, really? Dennis Kucininch, really? Jerry "moonbeam" Brown, really? It doesn't matter. The process is to hold a vote, let that vote decide the nomination, and then the party backs the winner... regardless. It's what the establishment wanted the rest to do when a Dole or a McCain was nominated. Who really runs any political party? Who is supposed to be running it?

jenny said...

You are right. About the sanctity of the process, that is; and, of course, that was the focus of your post.

I was, I admit, distracted by the abject horror that I feel at the prospect of Ms. O'Donnell.

I expect (per your promise) my love life to become 'more interesting' any day now, by the way; not so interesting, though, as to attract the attention of politicians like O'Donnell. :)

Douglas said...

Jenny, I would say my point is that the people's decision should be respected. Like her or not, she is the nominee and the party should support her regardless of how they feel about her.

I make no warranties, explicit or implied, for anyone's love life. Not even my own.