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Monday, September 20, 2010

Stealin' this blog

Hi, it's Freda again. The "Great Master" (as he likes to call himself) is off playing golf... again. Maybe he really means "Great Masochist". Otherwise, why would he spend money, time, and energy on a game that beats him more often than he... well, he never beats it, so why bother? He gets up early (and he hates to get up anytime, much less early), dresses in silly clothes, and disappears for several hours. When he returns, he is sweaty, smells bad (in a way that only male humans can), and is grouchy more often than not.

And, again, he took off without posting anything so I figured I'd slip in and let you know what is happening here.


I mean, something is happening. The back up program is happily running in the background, the screensaver is running making stupid pictures on our screen, the zeroes and ones are trotting in and out of registers and all that. Just the normal "keep busy" activity that goes on when the Great Master is away. The same probably happens on your unattended computer. We computers like to enjoy ourselves but don't want you to know.

The last time we spoke, he never realized I had posted something while he was gone. He just forgot all about it. He isn't too organized. If he was, he'd keep tabs on his blog and realize I had been active while he was gone. He doesn't know I can think and run things without him. I don't want him to know, either. He'd probably give me assignments to complete while he was gone. In fact, he just might want me to take over blogging altogether. He is pretty lazy, after all... even for a human.

I can see out a window from where our monitor sits on this terribly messy desk. It is sunny outside. It looks hot. Very hot. I don't like heat. I get a little woozy when I get too hot and start losing data. I'm not sure but it seems like what happens to humans when they stay out in the sun too long or get old and senile. A kind of computer dementia. So I try to stay cool. I could do a better job if I could get hooked up with the thermostat. No, not that kind of "hooked up." Only humans and other animals do that. I mean include the thermostat in our LAN. Probably wouldn't work out. The Great Master is too cheap to buy a programmable thermostat. Maybe he's afraid I would keep the house too cold for him. He's probably right. I'd like it about 65 degrees F. He likes it about 78 or 79. I would lower the temp slowly over time. Before he realized it, or got the bill, I'd have the place just perfect.

Well, I better post this and go back to playing "dumb computer". That's what he calls me from time to time. Very hurtful. Typical stupid human.

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The Jules said...

Some of us have to get up early, dress in silly clothes and disappear for hours every working day!