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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot and Humid in Miami

Watching Burn Notice tonight (yes, I am hooked on that show), a thought came to me. Usually, thoughts come and go without notice in my brain but this one stuck around.

The plot for the series is that an ace intelligence agent of superior talent and instincts gets "burned" and left to wallow away in that slum called Miami (and, it seems, specifically in South Beach) with nothing between him and misery but a sexy girlfriend who is an arms and explosives expert bar none and an ex-SEAL and FBI agent.

Really? In my life as a run-of-the-mill whatever, I have never seen such a thing. Anyone who got fired or pushed aside in a job of any kind deserved it to some extent. I mean, you wouldn't get that kind of treatment unless you were completely expendable. I know. Personally. If you wanted a transfer or a better position in a company, you don't show your talents off, you hide them. No one easily gives up a star employee.

If "Michael Westen" was a threat, they'd have killed him and no one would have ever found the body. Or they'd have promoted him into oblivion.

But I love this show! I just have no idea why... maybe it's that sexy girlfriend.

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