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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The news isn't all that bad

I like to wander aimlessly through the internet visiting whatever site catches my eye. And just how do I get started? Why, in Google News, of course. Various headlines act much like fishing lures do. Or a piece of string for the kitty. I chase them, try to catch the essence, and then I am distracted by some other Bright Shiny Thing and wander off.

For instance, I saw the following headline "Tiny Village is Latest Victim of The Hum" and so I followed it.

Which made me curious because I have, from time to time, felt just such a vibration. I say "felt" rather than "hear" because my experiences reminded me of one of those vibrating beds one used to find in motel rooms. A strong low frequency sound can emulate a vibration. This has been used in movies to simulate earthquakes that the audiences can feel. Anyone who has been next to a car with a very loud stereo playing something with a strong bass can understand it (if not the allure of riding in such a car).

So I looked a little further into The Hum. In Wikipedia, of course.

But then I was distracted by a headline about some video artist who posted a video montage of traffic in one intersection in New York City.

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

And, of course, was reminded of a video of a much worse intersection in India.

Compare them yourself...

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