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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Back in 1986, I learned how the "simplification" of the income tax impacted me. I wasn't making a lot of money. Especially relative to the area in which I was living at the time (within 35 miles of Washington, D.C.). But it was adequate. Yet I ended up paying more in taxes even though tax rates had been lowered. There were a number of reasons, none of which were easily understandable. One of them was the the fact that interest on loans (except mortgages) was no longer deductible. I think that one impacted me a little.

I began to wonder if I was able to understand anything government does. If they pass a bill saying it will lower my taxes, my current kneejerk reaction is now to assume my taxes will go up.

I have come to the conclusion that no political party is actually looking out for me. Instead, they are busy making sure they retain their power within government. And, in order to do that, they need money. Our money. Because even though they have the printing press which actually prints that money, they produce none themselves. It is printed and then sent to banks which, in turn, give it to us (reluctantly, I suspect) when we cash a check or withdraw from our savings accounts.

Currently the government is in a tizzy over the debt limit. We have a $14.5 TRILLION debt. Something like $200 Billion a month in interest must be paid. Threats of default (which does not make any sense) and financial collapse are tossed about by the usual talking heads. Woe is us! The sky is falling and we must prop up the debt limit to protect ourselves.


Not really.

Whatever "they" tell you, believe the opposite.


Piratenamedneo said...

they are all politians, promise the world to get in office, once in their job is to stay in...

T.C. said...

Money is actually still "printed?" I thought it was all electronic now.

Debt is what keeps the world spinning. We really haven't overtaken our feudal masters after all.