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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Facing Climate Change

People are riled up and divided over global warming. There are the deniers who do not believe there is global warming. Then there are the those who acknowledge that there may be global warming but who do not believe it is the fault of man. On the other side we have the True Believers who believe firmly in global warming and that it is man's use of fossil fuels that is causing it. I suppose there are also those who believe man has some impact on it and support the True Believers to some degree.

Where do I stand? I don't think it matters much what I believe. Each of the groups I described might take issue with me.

My position is that it is unlikely that we can do much about Climate Change (as it is now called) except look into ways to adapt to it. If we are in for an extended period of warming it can work to our advantage... if we accept it. And if we realize it is likely to be followed by an extended period of global cooling. After all, this is how it has happened throughout the history of our planet. We go through periods of cold (ice ages) and periods of warmth. of course, too much of either is bad for life. Some species are lost, some species increase their numbers. In mankind's history, crops change, civilizations rise and fall, famines come and go, and so on.

So while we are fighting over whether climate change is real and whether we caused it or not, only a few geniuses are likely considering how to survive it. These are the real geniuses of our time and we don't even know who they are. Or if they are out there at all.

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