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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Foolish wisdom

There is an old saw that goes, "with age comes wisdom." I can safely say that it isn't a universal truth. I have aged and my wisdom is no better than it was when I was 12. On average, that is. It's just about different things. And, of course, I have reversed and/or modified my philosophical outlook on many things over the years.

At this point, I have come to the conclusion that wisdom is relative to the circumstances of the moment. Or, put another way, wisdom is in a constant state of change. What is wise at one moment may be foolish at another. What may have seemed wise yesterday can be revealed as foolish tomorrow... or even today.

Way back when I was in the Navy, in the first year of my enlistment, I was offered the opportunity to get into an officer program. I would have been been given a college education and, from there, gone to flight school. In return, I would have to give up 4 or 6 more years (that part was never clear to me) after college. I considered it as carefully as any 19 year old might. As any 19 year old who had already decided he had made a mistake enlisting in the service, that is. It seemed a wise choice at the time to turn it down. I didn't belong in the military, I felt, and I was probably right... at that point in time. I didn't feel I belonged in college either, which was the reason I had enlisted.

But it wasn't the wisest choice. Except in the circumstances of that point in time.

Now, of course, I know it was unwise to turn it down. I denied myself an opportunity that could have brought me great rewards. So you could say that I gained wisdom with my years. But wisdom doesn't always come with age. Trust me, I know a lot of foolish old men (and women), as I am sure some of you do.

Why am I boring you with all this?

Well, what else would I do with it?

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