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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A chat over over-priced coffee

I went to a weekly coffee meeting with a friend yesterday. At least I think he's a friend... one never knows these days. I learned something, as I usually do at these things; there are subjects I should not broach in my blog.

Ok, I already knew that. But I caught a hint of why. It is difficult to express my opinion on certain things clearly and concisely without creating confusion or, more likely, offense.

We meet each week, more or less, at the local Panera's. We ogle the women (surreptitiously, we think) and become only slightly ashamed as we realize they are young enough to be our granddaughters. And we discuss. The subjects vary... widely. Politics, religion, smoking vs not smoking, our mutual friends and acquaintances, evolution, spouses, etc.

Our conversations are humorous at times but often not. We do not argue but we do differ from time to time. We both served in our countries' navies. We both play golf (poorly). Therefore, we have some things in common. Our differences are not so important.

I have come to enjoy these coffee meetings more than I have told him. He will read this and know now.

I am not someone who makes friends easily. Anyone who wishes to be my friend must be very tolerant. I am opinionated and stubborn. And as obnoxious as any American can be. Perhaps it's because he is Canadian that he puts up with my obnoxiousness. They seem more capable of that tolerance than some. I don't know why that might be; proximity to the US, perhaps?

I just wanted him to know I appreciate his friendship. That, and I didn't want to broach one of those controversial subjects.

Today, by the way, is the 71st anniversary of the Allied invasion of northern Europe... at Normandy in France. We refer to it as D-Day

Some 9000 soldiers lost their lives that day, 3000 for the US alone.... on a single day. Reflect on that today as you go about your oh so important life.


paul said...

Thanks Doug, c ya next week ...:)

T.C. said...

We're not as ostentatious for sure. All that pent up British loyalist stuff.

Canada is basically Minnesota. Or Vermont.

Quebec, which has no monarchical background, is far more passionate than the average Canadian. Still not like the Yanks though.

The Canadian-American relationship is unique.

Douglas4517 said...

 Wasn't Quebec established under the pre-revolution French monarchy? Founded in 1608, wasn't it?