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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Helping family

My mother-in-law is visiting this week. She is a kind, sweet, woman and is welcome here. And I am not saying this because Faye is watching me closely, armed to the teeth (which may, or may not, be true... I ain't sayin'). She really is a nice lady.

I was chatting with her about eReaders. She was impressed by one her daughter-in-law had (a Kindle). I talked about my Nook and offered to let her try it out. She loves to read but has some eyesight problems so the adjustable font size would be a plus for her. We talked about the availability of books and I mentioned digital library services, among other things.

She liked it so now it has a new home. I worried about how she might have a problem getting books for it but that same daughter-in-law is a pretty smart cookie and will help her out. My mother-in-law has a computer but it is more terminal than computer and its functions are limited mostly to email and web surfing. After checking with tech support for the service she contracts with, I found she couldn't actually download any files.

Sometimes I wonder about these "wonderful" deals aimed at seniors. She got the computer and the service through First Street. While they were helpful, I suspect they overcharge for both the "computer" and the service.

I no longer needed the Nook since my tablet doubles as a reader, even uses the same format. So I really wasn't being all that generous.

It does make a body feel good, though, to be of use.

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