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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I hate when this happens

As I sat in my recliner the other evening, watching the TV, my tablet casually informs me it cannot connect to the internet. So I casually stroll into the bedroom and into the computer area. Yes, we have a computer "area". It would be a room of its own but it is merely a section of the bedroom. And what do I not see? I do not see the little telephone handset light on the Vonage unit.

I feel a bit of angst creep into my mind. I kill the screensaver and look at the Network icon on the computer screen... it has that ugly X on it. No Internet Access

I bite back anger, squash the panic, cuss out Comcast, and then try to restore the access. I am unsuccessful. I examine the router. It is stone cold dead. No lights, no nada. It will not boot up.

I swallow the sour bile of panic. It is late and I do not wish to dash off to buy a new router. I must "make do" until the next day and so I reconfigure the Vonage unit and the cable modem to connect directly and then add in my computer. I attain success and we now have phone service and I have internet service.

The next morning, after dragging myself out of bed and getting a cup of coffee, I tackle the "bad router" problem. I do not have a backup "wall wart" for it so cannot confirm or eliminate that as the problem. I must work under the assumption that the router itself has decided to go on permanent strike. I do not have time to wait for another router to be delivered and I have no more spares (having given the two I once had away) but I order one from Newegg anyway. It'll be here in a 2 or 3 days.

I then head off to WalMart and purchase a router, bring it home, and proceed to install it.

A simple task... one I have done more than a few times. So, of course it does not go smoothly. This means I have to call on tech support. I hate to call on tech support. I used to do it myself and know, in my heart, that I am the Customer From Hell.

I could blame the installation instructions, I could blame the installation wizard, I could blame the ancient gods. And I did. Several times over. But the tech support guy (whom I will call "Job" for his incredible perseverance and patience) managed to walk me through undoing everything I was told to do and got the little bugger working properly.

And I didn't even cry. Very much.