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Monday, October 14, 2013

It Just Won't Go Away

Florida has a "Stand Your Ground" law which is widely misunderstood and demagogued all over the country. The Zimmerman case has brought this law into the public consciousness and triggered the misunderstandings and the demagoguery.

Here is where you can find the complete text of the law. Please read it and be fully informed.

Efforts are being made to "tweak" the law as a consequence of the case and the public outcry. Here's one story about the effort.  This part of the story bothered me and made me look up the actual instructions here:

Zimmerman claimed he shot Martin in self-defense but did not use "stand your ground" to avoid being prosecuted. But the law spawned changes to jury instructions that at least one Zimmerman juror said resulted in the not-guilty verdict.

At no time during the trial, was "Stand your Ground" invoked and the instructions seem completely predicated on standard self defense so I do not understand  the claim.

Perhaps someone else can explain the reasoning behind the effort to me.

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