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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Dawning

It just dawned on me that I had no clever treatise on the American dream (or anything else) today. Never mind that "clever" is probably not the descriptive word my readers might use.

I always intend "clever"... as well as "illuminating" and "thought-provoking"... but generally fail. Especially on Saturdays. This is likely because I permit politics to creep in on such days. But not today, today I thought we ought to discuss the legalization of pot for recreational use in Colorado. And, by "discuss", I mean I'll impart my, uh, wisdom on the subject.

When I was young, I smoked pot on a regular basis. I also drank a lot of cheap wine. Only one of these gave me hangovers. To avoid being a hypocrite (like several opinion writers at the Washington Post and NY Times), I'd like to say I welcome the change in the law. I am not about to move to Colorado, though, like one of my friends is considering. Too much trouble and expense... and it gets cold there. I don't think readily available pot can make up for that. Besides, it (the pot) would make a big dent in my disposable income. Not that I have much of that anyway.

People say the new pot varieties are much more potent than they once were. I can't believe that. I think it's hype to cover the high cost of weed these days. It's like the price of a round of golf. When I first started playing that game, I could play a round for $2.50.
Pot was about $10 an ounce. And I was making about $250 a week. Well, I am not making much more than that these days... not "making" at all, actually... that would suggest I am doing something more productive than helping keep the local establishments out of complete bankruptcy... but I apparently do have some disposable income. My lovely wife tells me that when she decides that she has done enough cooking so far this week and it is now time to take her out to dinner. No "appetizers" these days... can't afford `em... and I wouldn't know where to find it anyway. I don't have the long hair these days that says... "he's cool... enough... I guess."

Still, I think it's about time that pot is legalized. Think what it'll do for the snack and fast food industries alone!

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