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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Political Maneuvering

Looks like the Pipeline approval has been put off, once again. This time, it won't get an OK or a turndown until after the mid-term election is over. Never mind that the recovery that isn't one would get a huge boost, it isn't something Obama's base wants. And, therefore, it is unlikely to ever happen... much less that it would happen before the mid-terms.

Keystone XL Pipeline Review Postponed

Does anyone really believe this administration anymore? My bet is that the hardcore base likes them but no longer adores them. They've even ticked off their base. My worry was that we'd see a repeat of the Carter administration only much worse. The domestic economic policy has been pretty much lassez faire (if you will pardon my French) and seems designed to wait out the business community. Eventually the economy will recover on its own. It has to.  Otherwise, too many businesses would simply fail. Not that this would likely bother the current administration. They'd wring their hands... very gently... and blame it all on Big Corporation. Or the Banks, or the Wealthy 1%, or the Republicans. Or all of the above.

But waiting in the wings is a nasty round of inflation and that is going to hurt a lot of people.


Inspector Clouseau said...

There is little reason to believe anyone in power anymore. The analysis conducted by elected politicians is not pure - it's political. Politics and politicians, at least the manner in which they exist here in the United States, should always be doubted.

The motivations behind their decision lack intellectual honesty, plain and simple. Additionally, the influence of money corrupts them all.

Douglas said...

And yet we vote for them based on what they tell us...