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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life Is Full Of Potholes

I am still having problems with my browser. It could be a virus or just some screwup I somehow created. But it is affecting my ability to post and that means they will be iffy.

 I have been thinking about death lately, wondering mostly about what happens after. Being atheist, I do not buy into any of the stories about an afterlife but I realize I am definitely in the minority on this. Personally, I believe that death is one of the reasons that religions exist. No one wants to think that this is it... that when someone dies, it's all over, that we just cease to exist. We do not want life to be final. So, we (according to me) invent gods and heavens and hells or we invent reincarnation. Anything but life just being over.

I could be wrong. The problem is that I won't know until after I am dead and I don't believe I would know then because the "me" that exists now simply won't anymore. So I would be unaware of anything. Just gone.  Some think that's a bleak future. To that, I say isn't that the point? We cannot know what happens after we die though religions offer us hope and we all want hope, don't we?

Woody Allen once offered the theory that when we die our souls go to a garage in New Jersey. That is even more bleak than my vision.

But what about you? What do you think happens after death?


Tom Sightings said...

Hmmm ... but if you "could be wrong" that makes you an agnostic not an atheist, doesn't it? My choice: reincarnation. I'd like to do it all over again.

Douglas said...

Well, the "could be wrong" was a sop to the strongly religious who sometimes are offended by atheism. Besides, I am human and, therefore, can always be wrong bout anything. Reincarnation is an attractive belief but look at some of the religions that believe in it... you could come back as a common garden slug... or worse.