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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Theory Arises

I received an email from Malwarebytes last Saturday telling me (and thousands of others, I'm sure) about some malicious ransomeware hidden in advertising that exploits something in Flashplayer. As I read the linked article, the theory developed in my meager brain. We are at their mercy!

That's right, we are at the mercy of the very software we use to protect us. Yes, we are also at the mercy of those hackers who think up, code, and plant this malware but also at the mercy of those write the anti-virus and anti-malware we use. I actually began formulated the basis of this theory a long time ago when I began to suspect that it was possible that the anti-virus software people might be creating the very threats they were claiming to protect us from. Think about it: Who knows computer viruses better than those who build anti-virus software?

Don't misunderstand. I think we need to have anti-virus software but I wonder just how effective it really is? Or maybe I am just being a tad too paranoid.


T.C. said...

We're always at the mercy of somebody or something.

Douglas said...

Truer words have rarely been spoken, my friend.