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Friday, October 3, 2014

Fear! Uncertainty! Doubt!

... My work is done here...

At least, that's how the old joke went. But, today, we have all three of those wrapped up in a disease called Ebola. Just a day or two after the CDC called the chances of Ebola appearing in the States miniscule, we have a man in Dallas who has it and is exhibiting symptoms. He was misdiagnosed at a hospital and sent home, thereby having contact with many people while being symptomatic. The last count I heard on the news is 100 people are in voluntary quarantine (told to stay in their homes and not have visitors) and being "closely monitored", one hopes that this means there is someone watching each of these homes carefully and making sure no one leaves ("just to run to the store", for example) any of them and that no one drops by and enters. But we do not know this is fact, do we?

I understand the patient (now in isolation at that hospital) did not tell the truth at the airport in Liberia and so was permitted to board and fly to Brussels where he changed airlines and flew to the US. In all, he flew on three planes (at last count): from Liberia to Brussels, from Brussels to New York, and then from New York to Dallas. All of those people on those flights should also be monitored, I would think. And, indeed, the airlines are attempting to contact them. That would be hundreds more in addition to the 100 in Dallas itself.

I think the man lied so he would be allowed to fly out of Liberia and I wonder how many more passengers have lied since this outbreak began?

This is not a Good Thing.

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