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Apparently, the crossword puzzle that disappeared from the blog, came back.

Monday, December 1, 2014

First, I Should Apologize

I tend to go off a little quickly. A week ago, I went into a tirade about my favorite crossword puzzle app. That's what I wish to apologize for. Most, maybe all, of the things that vexed me about the radical update appear to have been corrected. And, like Steven mentioned, I shouldn't get upset about a free app. The developer responded promptly to the numerous complaints and fixed the problems he created in the update.

I am becoming used to the new look. I found the option (buried pretty deep but there) to use the native keyboard but have begun to appreciate the app's keyboard... it is an improvement over the old one. And I found an option which assures I won't move to the next word after I enter an incorrect letter at the end of a word (or in the middle without noticing). I don't do that often but I have done it a few times and it irritates me. I hate making mistakes. I make them often enough but that doesn't mean I can tolerate them. It's the perfectionist in me.

In any event, the app is working well and properly and it's still free. So, if you have an Android tablet (or phone) I recommend it.


NotesFromAbroad said...

Everything I have is Apple and I love them all but my daughter has some kind of cell phone that she can talk to and it listens and does as she wishes.
This sort of gives me the creeps :)

My iPhone did something odd ... when we moved from Argentina back to the US.. when I plugged it into the computer to get charged, it died. and stayed dead.
I could not believe it was forever so I threw it in a drawer and ignored it.
About a month ago I took it out, plugged it into the wall to juice it started to wake up.
It is all well now, exactly the way it was when I got it. With all my photos taken on the street in Buenos Aires :) computers & iphones, they scare me :)

Douglas said...

That is odd... but I need to ask, did you use a different adapter in Argentina? (say, for a 220v line or perhaps a 50Hz current). maybe the reason it "died" and then came back was a kind of "shock" to it.