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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Darn Phones!

I should know better, but obviously don't, I bought another smart phone. This meant pairing it with the car. It also meant transferring my contacts over. A simple task, you say? Not if the old phone was a Windows type and the new one an android type; apparently the Windows phones don't store the contacts in the SIM card and they don't let you transfer them via a USB cable either.

So I sat down and and reloaded them in the new phone, one by one. Tediously keying in each entry using that tiny little keyboard that pops up when you add a new contact or edit an old one.

I then had to go about the business of learning the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the darn thing, starting with pairing it with my Benz. That turned out to be a lot of trouble. Oh, the pairing went OK (as soon as I figured how to do that) but then all those contacts I meticulously entered through that tiny alleged keyboard had to be uploaded... and I had to learn how the bluetooth settings on the phone worked (did you know they aren't all the same in that regard?)

Anyway, in spite of my quick temper and tendency to give up when frustrated, I muddled through and accomplished my task.

I wish I could say everything is fine now but you know it isn't. I have a ton of things to learn about the car and about the new phone and I am an "old dog" and you know what they say about teaching them new tricks...


Tom Sightings said...

Still, you're way ahead of me. I've had my Samsung for two years and just today realized I do not know how to text a photo to someone. But I have to send that picture, so I gotta learn by tomorrow.

Douglas said...

Generally, Tom, texting a photo is an easy process... because it is a source of revenue for the service provider.

Steven said...

On Android, all your contacts come from your Google Account, and you could have typed them in manually at if you really wanted to - but there's assuredly 100 different ways to export contacts from Windows Mobile into Google with one click in an app.

Steven said...

Hrm, can't edit my comment - but should have clarified that you could access the Contacts manager on your desktop or in your GMail, and at least had a nice big keyboard to type on.

Douglas said...

Steven, good suggestion... however, my email contacts do not match my phone contacts, though many do. I wish I had some of your knowledge, it might have saved me some time and effort.