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The Random Comic Strip

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A few questions

This is just a list of questions that popped into my mind over the last 60 years...

Why do the anti-nuke folks only protest against the western powers and not the Russians, the Chinese, or Pakistanis, or the Indians?

Why do most reports of the Amnesty International seem to concern complaints of human rights abuses from the western nations and not the Arab nations, North Korea, China, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and a host of other dictatorships?

Why is it an offense by men to leave the seat up but not an offense for women to leave the seat down?

Why are government funded programs touted as "free services?" Don't we all pay for them through taxes?

Why do people think that a government that couldn't operate the post office efficiently could provide efficient and cost effective health care?

Why does good news always seem to be reported with a "but" or "unless" attached?

Why is the most touted news item always the last to be shown and never seems to live up to the hype?

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