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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Political polling

Ever wonder about polls? I mean the ones you read about in the newspapers and hear about constantly on the news programs or the radio talk shows. The political polling. The polls are reported, discussed, spun, assessed, lauded and dismissed by various pundits and commentators. The only truly important poll is the one consisting of actual votes on election day. At one time, the polls were reported purely to give the public some idea what their fellow citizens thought. I think that purpose has fallen to the wayside. Now I think they are intended to sway public opinion. I also think they are skewed to return results favorable to the people requesting the poll. They have become a form of political advertising.
The reason I think this is because there are now what are called "internal polls". These are polls that have results you will never see. They are commissioned by political parties for their eyes only. They are meant to show them just how their candidates are actually doing and to see how new campaign strategies are being received. Why public and private polls? I think the answer is clear. The public ones are meant to influence, the private ones are to measure a campaign's actual impact.

Things I would do to improve the electoral system:

1. Require valid picture ID (provide state IDs for free, if needed)
2. Create a National voter registration database.
3. Any discrepancy in registration negates that registration.
4. Results of any election not made public until 24 hours after the polls close.

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