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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Men vs Women

I am going to make a confession. I am a flaming heterosexual. I know, it's a shock but I feel I have to admit it. I think I have always known this, ever since I was 5 and was sweet on the little blond girl with the curly hair and the rosy cheeks who gave me a kiss on the cheek after I walked her across the street.

The female of the species (and I do try very hard to remain within my species) is exquisite. Women are wonderful, full of wisdom and inner strength. Men seem mostly full of gas.

Admit it, guys, we're pretty disgusting. We're crude and rude. And we tend to smell. When someone says, "Whew! Smells like a locker room!" They aren't talking about the women's locker room, are they?

Women, on the other hand, smell nice. Unless they overdo it a bit. Even then, it isn't the odor that is bad, it's the cloyingly suffocating sense that results. Especially in an elevator.

Men guffaw.
Women titter or giggle.
Men slap you on the back, women lightly touch your shoulder.

Men are rough, coarse, and usually without a clue. Especially around women.

I once made an observation that women are feline in nature while men are canine. I think this is fairly obvious.

Men often run in packs, sometimes large one, make a lot of noise, and there is almost always a bit of jostling about for the role of alpha male. There is often some snarling involved. And we tend to pee against the occasional tree. We tear at our food. We devour it. We are generally quite sloppy.

Women are rarely in groups larger than two when they move about though they may cluster in slightly larger numbers. They eat daintily, taking nibbles and often leaving some behind. However, I don't recall ever seeing cats head for the litter box in groups of two or more.

Cats attract attention, as do women. Men demand it, as do dogs.

Yes, women are definitely the more attractive of the species.

Ladies, I do not know how you put up with us. But I am grateful that you do.


Michael said...

Hmm, maybe soon, you can provide your view on gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals in relation to this post. They are a bit more interesting, but I think understanding these two genders in a heterosexual context should serve as a basis.

I concur. We are rude, crude, and largely full of gas.


Oooh, excuse me.

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."

The Jules said...

I would agree with a lot of that, although I've got some female mates who are members of a ladies hockey team.

Sort of the exception to the rule a bit. They make blokes look quite dainty, especially in the pub.

Cheri said...


I like the writing in this post.

Nicely done and true (sadly).

Happy New Year, Boomer.

Tempo said...

You have it in one my friend. I'm currently working on a post which says pretty much the same thing.
I'm sure most men would be just as happy living in a cave and grunting at each other...women on the other hand.............

Gregory said...

You obviously have not met my X- girlfriend (there is a reason she is X)

Phil said...

We men are encased in emotional straitjackets.