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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Just Love the Internet

I have learned, just yesterday, that my Internet Service Provider does not allow me to send email through any connection other than its own. That is, when connected to the internet at a hotel or motel or through a friend's (or even a relative's) internet provider as I am now, I am viewed as a possible spammer, or hacker, or some other such miscreant.

I can receive email just fine. I just cannot send. It does not please me to learn this. It means I must do my email online through their website if I need to reply to anyone or send someone email. It means I must take an extra step. It makes my life more complicated. I do not like that. I like to keep my life, like my mind, uncomplicated.

Still, I suppose they are justified in doing this and I suppose I could get them to trust me and give me the simpler access I would need. But I won't. I don't have a need to do this very often, maybe once a year, and for fairly short periods. And it is true that I can do just as much through webmail access as I can using my laptop's mail client.

So just why am I complaining? I have no idea. I just like to complain. Which brings me to another point. I like to read editorials and opinion columns in the LA Times and the Boston Globe. And I especially like to read the comments made by other readers about the subjects of these columns and editorials.

Why? Because as much I like to complain, I like to read how others complain. Just yesterday (I think), I was reading a column about a golf course in Milton, MA opposing the building of a wind turbine near by. It seems they feel it will intrude upon the quality of life for the golfers. I am sure they otherwise are in favor of these Wind Turbines, just not where they can see them or maybe hear them. This is called the NIMBY* syndrome.

In the complaints, I came across a reference to the following link:

So I put it in my Interesting Places To Visit list under the name “May we live long and die out” because, well, that's its theme, or motto. They are:

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

I just love the internet...

*Not In My Back Yard

1 comment:

Gregory said...

I'm as nimby as the next guy, lol

I knew a girl, long ago when the Zimmer power plant was still nuclear, as I walked in the kitchen I asked her dad, "so, what are your feelings on nuclear power?" I was smiling, he got the jist that I was just kidding.