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Monday, October 3, 2011

Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! What does that mean anyway?

I am not a big sports fan. Never have been. I don't follow any teams closely but it doesn't matter. I was a Padres fan while living in San Diego and, since I grew up in Dade County (for the most part), a Dolphins fan. I pay little attention to them most of the time.

Yet I am sitting here watching the Chargers play the Dolphins today. It's a matter of togetherness. Faye is a football fan, specifically a Charger fan. Pretty much a rabid one. When Miami plays San Diego, things can be a little tense around here. I have to watch the game, it's mandatory.

I do not understand sports fanatics, You know them, they can reel off statistics, name players and plays from a decade ago (and not only the notable ones), and tell you the weaknesses and strengths of not only their favorite teams but most of the rest. They might forget their spouse's birthday but they can tell you how many yards the quarterback threw for while in college..

Maybe it's because I never played well when I was a kid. I was a undersized little dweeb and not very coordinated. I was not missed when I dropped out of little league when I was 8. I was the last kid picked in sandlot baseball games. I did not excel at Phys. Ed. I just wasn't all that interested. I could say I had other things on my mind but that wasn't the reason. I think it was just a mutual agreement between me and sports that I not participate much.

This does not apply to golf, of course. Quite a different situation there. But I still can't rattle off stats of the pros or tell you who won the last 25 Masters tournaments. I just don't store that kind of information.

And I am too old to start now.


The Chubby Chatterbox said...

I, too, have little in common with sports fanatics. I was a failure at childhood sports, but not because I was a little dweeb. I spent most of my time in right field looking for four leaf clovers or standing in line at the snack bar. You might find "The Zone," a page on my blog, amusing. 

Douglas4517 said...

That was a great story, my friend. My dad never played catch with me, he wasn't interested in sports other than bowling (and that only passingly in those days) and stock car racing (we saw a number of races but only local and not NASCAR types). You and I shared the "did not fit in" category as kids, I guess. I rebelled in my teens and ran with the bad kids. There are times I wish I hadn't.

Sightings said...

I did play sports when I was a kid, but completely lost interest when I went to college, where I found more interesting activities, like girls, beer and, you know, those hand-rolled cigarettes. Since then, mostly golf, a little tennis; but, like you, don't find it interesting to follow on TV. I DO enjoy one event -- the U.S. Tennis Open in late Aug. and early Sept. It's just a a great scene!