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The Random Comic Strip

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Almost home

Sorry about not posting for a few days, been driving... and driving. Too tired each night to post, too much to do in the morning to post, and so I have neglected you.

Motel life is weird. The water is soft but the towels are washed in hard water. This means you feel like you are sandpapering your skin after feeling silky smooth from your shower. And the AC in the rooms must be adjusted as soon as you enter because they're set at 70F (72 at most) and I am not used to such. I keep my house at 78. I play golf in 90+ weather. I grew up in south Florida without any AC. I like warm.

Today, after a miserable night at a La Quinta, we traveled on toward beautiful Biloxi. Faye managed to cadge 2 more free nights at the Isle Hotel and Casino. On the way, however, a semi tossed up a small rock which dinged the windshield. My insurance company is good and scheduling a repair for this afternoon. This is good since it means I can slip out tomorrow morning for a round of golf.

Life is still good.



The Jules said...

Sounds like some pleasnantness is occurring. I approve of pleasantness.

Douglas4517 said...

 Me too, Jules, but life... well, it's just not fair.