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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Junior Seau 1969-2012

As you can guess, the suicide of Junior Seau is big news in San Diego. It's all over the TV, constant coverage. The usual stuff of interviewing anyone and everyone they can. People who knew him, family members, and people who met him once or twice.

The questions and discussions about Seau's death touch heavily on whether anyone saw anything in his behavior that might have been related to why he took his life, some sign that was missed that might have hinted at what he thinking.

A suicide is a kind of special death. I have only known one person who committed suicide, a co-worker, and I was not close to him. A girl in junior high, who I was close to, attempted it when we were both in 9th grade. You cannot see it coming. I couldn't, anyway. They say that suicides often go through a depression that lifts just before they take their lives, that they are happy just before they make the attempt... I do know the girl in junior high seemed very happy and comfortable just before she made the attempt. But I don't recall her being all that sad or morose in the weeks preceding it.

I don't think people share the depths of the depression they feel.
Maybe few of us actually share our inner lives. That's why suicides are such surprises.

There was a pastor who knew Seau and worked with him at Seau's foundation didn't see it coming, thought he was happy and looking forward to the future.

A family friend who was interviewed said some things that were useful and important. He said "Hug those around you, those you love. Say you're sorry to those you've wronged. It's worth the hassle, the trouble."  I'd add forgive those you think have wronged you. You never know what may come or when.


Sightings said...

I'm not a football fan and, honestly, never heard off Junior Seau until this happened. But it's so sad. I had one friend who committed suicide -- he had ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease, and decided to end it on his own terms rather than wither away and become totally dependent on others. It was terrible, but I respected his decision (and still do).

If you're interested in the subject, go see the movie "The Bridge," a doc. about people committing and attempting suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.  As I recall, those who survived remember thinking, right after they jumped, oh, this was a bad mistake! I don't mean that to be funny. 'Cause it's not. Again, just a sad, sad experience. 

Douglas4517 said...

 They call suicide a "permanent solution to a temporary problem." Depression hurts and the pain isn't always apparent to even close friends and relatives... or maybe they don't really want to see it.