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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maybe they'll flip a coin at some point

Well, the first of the presidential debates has come and gone. It seems to be a consensus that Romney won. The Democrats are unhappy, the Republicans are happy, and the undecideds are still clueless.

I didn't watch the debate. I had more important things to do... playing Freecell on my tablet, for instance, and watching a couple of shows previously recorded. If I didn't have those things, I'd have sought out something vaguely interesting on some obscure cable channel.

I had no need to watch the debate. It wasn't going to change my mind about who to vote for (or against). I cannot imagine how anyone could be aware he (or she) has a navel and still hasn't figured out who to vote for in November.

Seriously. Are you so-called undecided folks completely oblivious to the world around you?

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Tom Sightings said...

I'm still undecided . . . just kidding, but I'm still unhappy.