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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Watch them closely


I think there are two primary rules of politics.

1. Never grant power to a political office that you would not want other political parties to have.
2. Never trust the advice from any opposing political party or candidate.

Unlike myself and my career, people do not just happen to luck into politics. I didn't seek a job with the phone company because I felt a calling for it, I sought it because I needed a job; something that would pay a decent wage. I had no illusions that it was a stepping stone to success, that it would bring me fame and fortune, or afford me a lavish lifestyle. It was just a job. Of course, I am a guy who never had any great ambition.

In order to become a politician (or any so-called important professional) one must prepare for it. One must first determine the goal and then follow the steps that will lead one there. You don't simply stumble through the first 20 or so years of your life and find yourself poised to succeed in politics.

Most politicians run for office while in school, seek leadership positions, study political science, seek out and get accepted to a respected university. Most find jobs as interns or aides to office holders as part of their preparation. They focus on the prize, so to speak.

Almost all say they feel a desire to serve the public.

Bull! They have a desire to attain power. Or enhanced status... which is also power.

Sometimes it is a family business. This, I think, is what was behind the monarchies of Europe and elsewhere. The Kennedys, the Bushes, the Rockefellers all had power that came from a family fortune. Money is power, after all. Not just in America... everywhere. And power increases fortune. More money, more power; more power, more money. We can wish it wasn't so but that would be just another wasted wish.

So, somewhere along the way, Barack Obama chose politics. He may not have started out that way, he may not have dreamed of high political office as a child, but at some point in his early life he began to aspire to power. Bill Clinton remarked (I am sure more than a few times) that meeting JFK at age 17 set him on the path to the White House.

I do not fully grasp the desire to become president of the United States. Of course, I am one without any significant ambition or desire for power in any form. All my life I have tried to avoid the limelight and any responsibility. What makes a person want the fate of much of the world in his or her hands? I don't even want my own fate in my hands.

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